Certificate Verification

Use this form if you wish to verify a Certificate which has a Certificate Identifier printed on it (Certificates post 1st November 2007)

What is a Certificate Identifier?  
It is a 32 digit number made up of number and letters that is printed onto your certificate.  This number is unique to the University of Wales and the process of issuing awards.

Where do I find it on the Certificate ?
It is located on the bottom right-hand corner of your certificate

What do I do if there is no identifier on the Certificate ?
Certificates prior to 1st November 2007 do not have an identifier number on them.

Please note: Students are permitted to request the University to withhold their information from this automatic process so it is possible that no record will be found. This does NOT mean that the student failed to obtain the qualification stated or that the certificate is not authentic. It means that the student, for their own reasons, has requested privacy. 

If you wish to confirm or query a University of Wales award please refer to our specific webpage for advice or contact Registry Helpdesk via registryhelpdesk@wales.ac.uk

Completing this form will show you the information in English, that was printed on a certificate with the identifier you enter.