University of Wales Student Charter

In October of 2011, the governing bodies of the University of Wales, of Swansea Metropolitan University and of the University of Wales: Trinity Saint David made a commitment to merge. The three institutions agreed to work together to create a unified institution under the 1828 Charter of the University of Wales: Trinity Saint David.

At this time, the University also informed that it would withdraw from all its validated provision, however, maintained its commitment to safeguarding the student development and achievement, whilst ensuring all registered students have the opportunity to complete their programme of study.

The Student Charter states the key mutual obligations between the University of Wales and its students. It is a live document outlining the University’s commitment to all students on programmes leading to its awards; reviewed annually by the University’s Student Affairs Board.

The University has a commitment to developing a strong partnership with its students; ensuring students are at the heart of the design and implementation of their programme of study, through engagement opportunities with the academic governance infrastructure.

The Student Charter is not a legal contract between the University of Wales and its students. Rather, it is a guide to the service and behaviours which it is reasonable for students and the University to expect from each other.

The University of Wales is a bilingual organisation, which actively promotes the Welsh language in accordance with its Welsh language scheme. As a key partner in the discussions to establish Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol the University encourages students who wish to study through the medium of Welsh to engage with its work. The University recognises and actively supports the work of its Accredited and Affiliated institutions in Wales in respect of their Welsh languages schemes as detailed in their respective Student Charters.

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