Guide for New Students

Welcome to the University of Wales.

You have joined a global community of students on University of Wales programmes delivered in Wales, the rest of the UK and overseas.

This brief guide aims to introduce you to the University and to explain the relationship between your Institution and the University of Wales. It also highlights the services available to you and directs you to further information available on our website.

We hope you find it useful and wish you every success in your studies.  

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Your main relationship will be with the collaborative centre delivering your programme of study. They will provide you with a student handbook and course material, deliver your programme and assess your studies. They will provide the facilities you need to study effectively and will support you through your studies.

At the start of your validated programme, your collaborative centre will register you with the University of Wales. As a University of Wales student you will:

  • Study under University of Wales Regulations and Procedures
  • Know that your programme is quality assured by the University of Wales
  • Have access to a range of University of Wales services

As a University of Wales student you will be able to: 

  • Use the University of Wales Online Library of high quality electronic databases, eJournals and eBooks (see our quick start guide for more information)
  • Meet academics of the University of Wales when they visit your collaborative centre
  • Take part in a Graduation Celebration to celebrate your achievement
  • Become a member of the University’s Alumni Association
  • Complete an International Student Survey on your study experience
  • Apply to act as Student Representative on University of Wales committees
When your final results have been ratified by a University of Wales Examining Board they will be recorded on the University’s student records system. You will be admitted to your award in absentia and your certificate and Diploma Supplement will be sent to your Institution of study.
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