Can I suggest a new resource?

We willl accept a recommendation for a new resource from you as long as you are from one of the groups in the list below:

  • Academic staff involved in delivering or supporting a validated scheme at one of our collaborative centres
  • Students backed by one member of the academic staff who is involved in delivering the student’s validated scheme
  • Moderators
  • External Experts for Health Studies schemes
  • External Examiners

To recommend a resource for consideration, please email with full details of the resource.

If you are a student, please note that you will need the backing of an academic member of staff, and you should provide your full name, your collaborative centre, your University of Wales Student Number and the name of the academic member of staff who is backing your suggestion.

The Online Library Librarian also contacts all collaborative centres annually to request recommendations for new resources to add to the Online Library.

The Librarian investigates these recommendations in collaboration with the relevant Moderators.

A full copy of the Selection Criteria for Electronic Resources for the Online Library is available to view here (this document opens as a pdf file).