Reference styles

Below is an introduction to some of the most popular referencing styles and links to examples of referencing guidance documents and tutorials for each of the referencing styles featured.  


The Harvard referencing style is an example of author-date referencing. The Harvard style is very common and is used across most subjects.  

With the Harvard system, when you cite someone else's work (by including a quotation or by paraphrasing their work), you need to include the author's last name and the date of publication in brackets after the citation in the body of your paper. The full reference to the work is then included in an alphabetic reference list or bibliography at the end of your paper.  

There is no definitive form of Harvard referencing as there is no organisation that sets standards for the style.

Despite its name, the style is not linked to Harvard University. 

As there is no standard, there are variations of the Harvard style.

As with all referencing styles, it is important that you apply the version of the Harvard style that you choose consistently.

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