Satisfaction Across-The-Board

Posted on 21 June 2010

Satisfied University of Wales Graduates

Having received the results of the 2010 Student Survey we are delighted to report that The University of Wales received very positive feedback on all aspects of its institution. The survey was designed to offer students of The University of Wales from across the globe, a chance to voice their opinions on issues ranging from teaching to academic support. The 2000+ student participants of the survey responded positively to various statements regarding University services, which were measured by multiple choice answers – all responses ranged from ‘Agree’ to ‘Strongly Agree’. Among the more notable statistics, 89% of students strongly agreed that their University of Wales course helped them present themselves with confidence; over 87% felt that having a UW degree would be beneficial to them whilst 79% of students strongly agreed that their communication skills have considerably improved since undertaking their course. It is hoped that next year’s survey will engage an even larger participation and that the levels of satisfaction will be greater yet.

To view the Student Survey 2010, please click on the link below:


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