UWP October / November 2022 news

Posted on 19 October 2022

UWP October / November 2022 news

This month from University of Wales Press, ‘Mae’r Beibl o’n Tu’ by Gareth Evans-Jones is a volume that explores the religious responses of the American Welsh settlers to slavery during the period 1838-68. By using the American Welsh periodical press as a foundation, a unique discussion is presented re the way the American Welsh looked upon slavery, one of the most complex matters in their adopted country, doing so in the context of Biblical discourse.

 Also, UWP published Frank Lloyd Wright: The Architecture of Defiance by Jonathan Adams. Many authors have recounted the extraordinary achievements and the turmoil of Frank Lloyd Wright's life, but this is the first study to provide a comprehensive explanation of his principles and motivations, and to trace them back to their roots in nineteenth-century Wales.


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