From Wales to Israel and Palestine

Posted on 6 January 2012

Whose people? Wales, Israel, Palestine (£24.99) - by Jasmine Donahaye

Until now, Wales has been almost completely neglected in British Jewish studies.

Published this month by the University of Wales Press, a new book - Whose people? Wales, Israel, Palestine (£24.99) - by Jasmine Donahaye will fill this black spot in research, as she examines the long history of Welsh interest in Palestine and Israel.

Wales has a long history of intrigue in Palestine and Israel, and a close interest in Jews and Zionism.

This monograph, the first to explore the subject, asks searching questions about the relationship that Wales has with the Israel-Palestine situation.

Surveying Welsh missionary writing, fictional imaging of Jews, and the political use of Palestine and Israel, it challenges received wisdom about Welsh tolerance and liberalism, and identifies a complex and unique relationship.

Whose People? Wales, Israel, Palestine makes an important contribution to international Jewish studies, to the study of British colonial involvement in Palestine, and to Welsh and Jewish literary and cultural history.

Jasmine Donahaye has a BA from UC Berkeley and a PhD from Swansea University.

She has published literary and cultural criticism, creative non-fiction and poetry in the UK and the US. Her books include Self-Portrait as Ruth (2009) and Misappropriations (2006).


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