The Welsh History Review

Posted on 28 January 2013

Published twice annually in June and December, the University of Wales Press is delighted to announce publication of the most recent edition of The Welsh History Review.

Published by the University of Wales Press since its inception in 1960, The Welsh History Review has established itself as the most authoritative journal in its field.

This twice-yearly journal is committed to publishing a wide variety of high-calibre research on Welsh history, from medieval to modern.

The internationally renowned editorial board includes scholars from universities in Wales, England and the United States of America, whose breadth of knowledge is representative of the journal itself and its content, which is typically a diverse range of cultural, social, political and economic history.


The Welsh History Review
Editors: Professor Huw Pryce, Bangor University and Dr Paul O’Leary, Aberystwyth University.
Reviews Editor: Martin Wright, Cardiff University.
ISSN: 0081-6353
Institutions: £25 Individuals: £15


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