Digitising the classics from the University of Wales Press

Posted on 29 January 2015

Over the next eighteen months the University of Wales Press will publish digital versions of some of its classics, cited by Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol lecturers as works of particular value for teaching students through the medium of Welsh across a broad range of subjects - including Philosophy, History, Law and Science. The Press intends to publish these works in electronic format for a reasonable price to enable students to purchase and use them.

The books on the list include some of the most innovative and masterful scholarly works of the twentieth century - Emrys Evans’ translations of Plato; R. T. Jenkins’ volumes on eighteenth and nineteenth century Welsh history; the works of Henry Lewis and Arwyn Watkins on linguistics; and R. I. Aaron and D. James Jones’ guides to the history of Greek and modern philosophy, from Socrates to Hegel. These titles are part of the wealth of Welsh scholarly volumes published since the University of Wales Press was established in 1922, and digitising them will make them accessible to a new generation of readers and students.

Helgard Krause, Director of the Press said:

“Welsh language publications have been a crucial element of the University of Wales Press since its establishment in the 1920s, and I am extremely pleased that we can use the latest technology to republish these books”

The books will be available for purchase through the University of Wales website.

The University of Wales Press will make every effort to ensure that authors or authors’ estates will receive the royalties from any sales of the newly digitised versions of their works. Many of the books were published before the Second World War when in many cases there were no formal written agreements between authors and publishers.

If you are the executor for the estate of any authors on the following list, please contact Llion Wigley, University of Wales Press Commissioning Editor, (Llion.Wigley@gwasg.cymru.ac.uk or 02920 557445) to ensure that royalties are paid to the right person.


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