University invites student feedback with launch of 2012/13 Student Survey

Posted on 5 February 2013

The University of Wales is inviting its students to provide them with feedback on their student learning experience by completing the 2012/13 Student Survey, now available online.

This annual survey is open to all students studying on accredited courses and is an important measure of how the University is doing in a number of key areas.

“The annual student survey is incredibly important and plays a key part in how we look at the management of the quality of the University of Wales’ programmes wherever they may be studied” explains the University’s Student engagement Manager, Ben Gray.

“One of the most important things to come from the student survey, other than the overall percentages, are the individual stories of student experiences. This is all kept anonymous but proves incredibly useful when working with our collaborative centres to enhance the quality of the Student Learning Experience.”

With the data and responses collected, the University is not only able to compare the outcomes of the overall results with previous years, but as many of the questions are the same as those posed in the National Student Survey (NSS) it is able to compare the results with other institutions across the United Kingdom.

The deadline for completed surveys is the 1st May, with the results being published in the summer.

If you are a University of Wales Student and would like to participate in this year’s survey, please click here


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