Student Survey 2012/13 – the results are in

Posted on 27 January 2014

Having received the results of the 2012/13 Student Survey we are delighted to report that The University of Wales received very positive feedback on all aspects of its institution.

The University of Wales’ student survey targeted students registered on University of Wales degree programmes delivered at its Collaborative Centres. It is designed to offer students across the globe a chance to voice their opinions on issues ranging from teaching to academic support.

The student participants of the survey responded positively to various statements regarding University services, which were measured by multiple choice answers – with the majority of all responses ranging from ‘Agree’ to‘Strongly Agree’.

Amongst the more noticeable statistics, students found that their University of Wales validated programmes were ‘intellectually challenging’ and over 75% of collaborative students who responded to the survey ‘strongly agreed’ or ‘agreed’ that their teachers were‘good at explaining things’, ‘were enthusiastic about their teaching’ and ‘made the subject interesting’. Nearly 80%,admitting to having enrolled on their programme because it led to a University of Wales award and believing that a University of Wales degree would be beneficial to them.          

When answering questions in the personal development section of the questionnaire, on average 67%,  ‘strongly agreed’ or ‘agreed’ that their programmes helped them present themselves with confidence,  helped improved their communication and gave them ‘confidence in tackling unfamiliar problems’.

In the National Student Survey, assessment and feedback are areas which disappoint students in a number of universities but over 70% of University of Wales collaborative students found the assessment criteria were made clear to them in advance , and over 60% ‘strongly agreed’ or ‘agreed’ that they received prompt and detailed feedback on their work.

The recently published QAA quality codes on student learning and student engagement emphasise the importance of institution-wide culture of student support.Overall, University of Wales collaborative students who responded to the survey highly valued this aspect of their experience with over 60% ‘strongly agreeing’or ‘agreeing’ that they received good advice on making study choices and were able to contact staff in the collaborative centres when they needed with over 70% reporting that they received sufficient support and advice from their institutions.

The University finds this information gathered from the Student Survey incredibly valuable. As well as an important measure of how the University is doing in a number of key areas, it is extremely useful when working with our Collaborative Centres to enhance the quality of the Student Learning Experience.

Thank you to all the students who took part.


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