Executive Director of Fazley College resigns

Posted on 9 November 2010
The University of Wales has received a statement from the executive director of Fazley College saying he has tendered his resignation.

The University suspended its relationship with Fazley College last week after receiving a letter from Fazley Yaakob saying that there was a dispute about his own academic qualifications.

Although the former director does not teach on courses validated by the University, it was felt that no new admissions should be made until the matter had been investigated.

In the resignation letter, Fazley Yaakob says:

“My role in Fazley International College is one of an investor. Though I hold a Director’s position, I have never been a part of the academic team nor have I sat at any of the Academic Meetings, as such you can be assured that at no stage was the Academic Standards or the reputation of the University put at a compromise. To be honest I have only sat in at management meetings.

“ Upon further reflection, I consider that to continue as a Director could be damaging to the College, its student community and the dedicated staff who have worked hard to uphold the academic standards and integrity.

“It is quite clear that this continuing public controversy will undermine the reputation and the good relations between the College and the University, which I cannot in any circumstances, allow. Therefore, I have decided to tender my resignation as the Executive Director of the College.

“It is my intention to keep fighting to clear my name and restore public confidence of my reputation.

“I sincerely apologise for having caused the University and its officials embarrassment. I do hope that the matter will be laid to rest and that the link between the University and FIC can be restored.”


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