All That Is Wales: The Collected Essays of M. Wynn Thomas.

Posted on 28 June 2018
Wales Bk of the year 9781786830883

Congratulations to Professor M. Wynn Thomas on winning the 2018 Wales Book of the Year Award Creative Non-Fiction with his book, All That Is Wales: The Collected Essays of M. Wynn Thomas.

 The Wales Book of the Year Award is presented annually to the best Welsh-language and English-language works, and the winners were announced in an awards ceremony at the Tramshed, Cardiff, on Tuesday evening, the 26th of June.

 As the fruit of a working lifetime of criticism and scholarship in the field of the anglophone literary culture of Wales, this award-winning volume provides new insight into a range of our most prominent writers, and also brings the works of new authors to light, in arguing that Wales is a ‘micro-cosmopolitan country’. Having published over twenty books, M. Wynn Thomas’s significant contribution to literary criticism on the two literatures of Wales is invaluable, and the University of Wales Press is extremely proud to count him as one of its authors. It is therefore very fitting to see him receive national recognition by winning this prestigious award.

 Speaking of the award, Sarah Lewis, Head of Commissioning at the University of Wales Press, said:

 ‘It’s always a privilege to be associated with Professor M. Wynn Thomas, and UWP is honoured, as always, to be the publisher of his work. As a leading literary critic who has won enormous prestige and acclaim in the academic world, Wynn nevertheless presents complex ideas in an elegant and accessible way, to enrich the intellectual culture of Wales for a wide and eager audience. This book very much embodies its subject, demonstrating that although small, Wales is nevertheless culturally richly varied. Many congratulations, Wynn, from your friends at UWP.’

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