Martin Crampin and his love for stained glass

Posted on 5 August 2011

A stained glass window from St Michael's Church in Abergele

If you were unable to attend Martin Crampin's slideshow yesterday at the Eisteddfod then you can now browse through his slides here (see above).

Martin Crampin is a Research Fellow at the Centre for Advanced Welsh and Celtic Studies who is currently working on the Stained Glass Project in Wales. In June he helped formally launch a new online resource cataloguing stained glass in Wales.

The catalogue contains over 5000 images of stained glass drawn from 350 sites across Wales, together with descriptions and information about artists and manufacturers. Ranging from the fourteenth century up to the present day, windows are searchable by location, date, subject and maker.


 You will find further information on the Stained Glass Project in Wales by clicking on the following links:

For more information about the Centre for Advanced Welsh and Celtic Studies (CAWCS):

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