Locating Revolution

Posted on 22 June 2012

The Wales and the French Revolution Project Team

Locating Revolution: Place, Voice, Community 1780-1820

Aberystwyth 9–12 July 2012

Interested members of the press and public are invited to Aberystwyth to attend an international conference which will explore the relation between geography and change during the period of the revolutionary wars (1780-1820).

The conference, which spans from 9-12 July, will be jointly hosted by Wales and the French Revolution Project at the University of Wales Centre for Advanced Welsh and Celtic Studies; the Centre for Romantic Studies, Aberystwyth University; and the Department of English, Swansea University.

Keynote speakers will include Professor John Barrell (York), Professor Claire Connolly (Cork), and Professor Nigel Leask (Glasgow). A total of 30 plenary speakers and lecturers will be exploring local, regional, national, European and transatlantic responses to the Age of Revolutions: In what local, localised forms did the European upheavals of the age manifest themselves? How were social, religious and political loyalties conditioned by particular landscapes and environments? What were the coordinates of loyalism and opposition in particular rural, regional, urban and metropolitan communities?

The conference seeks to place ‘history’ in specific locations, mapping connections across Europe, the Atlantic, and the wider world. It also sets out to consider the dramatic material forms that Romanticism, revolution and reaction took at this time.

Lectures will be delivered in both English and Welsh. For further information please contact (01970) 636543 canolfan@cymru.ac.uk / cawcs@wales.ac.uk


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