Scholarship winner reignites the hunger debate in Texas

Posted on 1 September 2011

A local food bank in San Antonio, Texas.

University of Wales graduate Jason Edwards has recently provoked a lot of debate in San Antonio Texas with his documentary on food poverty, which was the focal point of a news feature in one of the city’s broadsheet newspapers.

A sum of £3000 was awarded to Jason by the University in July which would help cover the cost of his trip to San Antonio (SA) where he was to shoot his documentary, Texas: A State of Hunger. Using city as a case study, Jason’s aim was to highlight the plight of 50 million Americans living on the breadline, who due to widespread unemployment and inadequate education or wages are unable to provide for their families.

In his documentary, Jason presents the dramatic contrasts that exist in SA. On the one hand, SA is the top tourist destination in Texas, the second wealthiest state in the richest country in the world. On the other, Texas is the second hungriest state, too — over four million Texans live in food poverty, while ironically year after year it ranks consistently in the top ten as one of America’s fattest states. Such is the paradox in which the state exists.

You can view Jason’s documentary by clicking here.




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