A gathering of great minds in Powys

Posted on 15 April 2010

Lake Vyrnwy (c) Freefoto.com

The magnificent Lake Vyrnwy was the backdrop for the annual University of Wales Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics Institute’s scientific conference at the end of March. Attending the conference held at Lake Vyrnwy Hotel, Llanddwyn in Powys were 53 delegates, among which were 20 speakers who gave talks on Geometric issues. This year’s Conference was very successful with opportunities for networking and sharing ideas.

The Institute of Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics was originally conceived for the purpose of focusing the research activities of all of University of Wales’ alliance institutes’ fluid mechanic groups thereby creating greater cooperation and communication among the groups. The institute’s collaborative work has strengthened considerably since its formation in 1991.

The collaboration provides a multidisciplinary environment whose aim is to meet the challenge of fluid mechanics in industry e.g. the formulation of non-drip paints. Studies in this area can be dated as far back as Ancient Greece – the great mathematician Archimedes devoted much of his time labouring by candlelight over fluid mechanics equations.

The contact between the Institute and its many industrial sponsors is of mutual benefit. The Institute receives finance and practical advice from the sponsors, who in turn receive regular reports and publications and have direct access to the pool of research expertise of the Institute staff through sponsored research and consultancies. For example, this year, TA Instruments have agreed to sponsor one of the Institute’s dinners and are also offering a prize for a poster competition where attendees get the opportunity to exhibit their own designs.

We now look forward to next year’s Conference and the celebration of the Institute’s 20th anniversary in 2011.


Notes to Editors

For more information about the University of Wales please visit: www.wales.ac.uk

For more information about theU Wales’ Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics Institute please contact the Deputy Chairman, Professor Peter Townsend: P.Townsend@swansea.ac.uk


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