Martin Crampin BA, MA, PhD

MC_DSC0777C Position: Research Fellow, The Cult of Saints in Wales
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Martin Crampin,
University of Wales Centre for Advanced Welsh & Celtic Studies,
National Library of Wales,
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Martin Crampin joined the Centre’s staff in 1999 to work with Peter Lord on the series of CD-ROMs for the ‘Visual Culture of Wales’ project. Building on the text of the three printed volumes, he was closely involved with recording, editing and illustrating interviews, as well as providing additional photography and design.

Martin was based at the Centre while working on a subsequent AHRC research project, Imaging the Bible in Wales. The project was based at the University of Wales, Lampeter, but was run in collaboration with the Centre and the National Library of Wales. As artist, researcher and designer, he managed the production of the online database and DVD-ROM, which was written with John Morgan-Guy. Together with designing the website and DVD-ROM, and recording and editing further interviews, Martin photographed hundreds of artworks for the project in churches and collections all around Wales.

Following the conclusion of this AHRC project, Martin worked as a cartographer and illustrator for the ‘Ancient Britain and the Atlantic Zone’ project. This work drew in part on one of his earlier research interests in prehistoric and medieval archaeology, developed during his MA in Celto-Roman Studies at the University of Wales College, Newport.

Developing the research undertaken during the ‘Imaging the Bible in Wales’ project, Martin conceived a new project focusing specifically on stained glass in Wales. During the ‘Stained Glass in Wales’ project (2009–11), Martin wrote hundreds of new window records for the database and added over 4,000 photographs to the resource. His online ‘Stained Glass in Wales’ catalogue was launched in June 2011 and continues to grow. After this project Martin focused his interests in stained glass on a volume outlining the history of stained glass in Wales, and Stained Glass from Welsh Churches was published in 2014.  

In November 2011 Martin became one of the first PhD students at the Centre, with the assistance of a University of Wales Scholarship. Bringing the experience of all of these previous research projects together with his work as a visual artist, his practice-based doctorate focussed on medievalism in Welsh visual culture through the production of new artwork based on medieval patterns from the Cistercian abbey at Strata Florida and the churches at Llananno and Gresford.

In November 2014 Martin joined the ‘Cult of Saints in Wales’ project, co-ordinating a series of events around Wales to share the research of the project, accompanied by a small touring exhibition. This role was continued during the ‘Vitae Sanctorum Cambriae’ project (2017–19), and he also co-curated and designed materials for the project exhibition at the National Library of Wales in 2017. Funded by the AHRC, the texts published by these projects will be augmented by the ‘Visualizing the Saints of Wales’ AHRC Follow-on project in 2021, which will publish supplementary information on the imagery of saints in the medieval and modern periods alongside geographical distributions of saints’ cults in Wales. In 2020 he published a study of the imagery of St David, and a book on the depiction of Welsh saints in places of worship is in preparation.

Martin has been involved in the Interreg ‘Ports, Past and Present’ project since its inception in 2019, and now works on the project part-time. He is part of the team at CAWCS supporting ten creative practitioners in Ireland and Wales who are developing creative responses to the five functioning port towns in Ireland and Wales, drawing on his own experience working as a visual artist.

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