Diana Luft BA, AM, PhD


  Position: Wellcome Trust Research Fellow, ‘Medieval Welsh Medicine: A New Approach’
e-mail: Diana.Luft@wales.ac.uk 
Tel.: 01970 636543
Fax: 01970 639090
Postal address: Diana Luft,
University of Wales Centre for Advanced Welsh & Celtic Studies,
National Library of Wales,
SY23 3HH

Diana Luft is a Wellcome Trust Research Fellow at the Centre. Her current project, ‘Medieval Welsh Medicine: A New Approach’ (Wellcome Trust Grant no. 104440/Z/14/Z), is aimed at producing a new edition and translation of the Welsh medical texts found in the four earliest manuscripts to contain such texts, namely, British Library Additional 14,912, Cardiff 3.242, Oxford Bodleian Rawlinson B467 and Oxford Jesus College 111 (the Red Book of Hergest), all of which date from the second half of the fourteenth century. She will also be editing and translating the Latin texts found alongside the Welsh texts in these manuscripts for the first time. It is hoped that these new translations will allow scholars in the medical humanities to look at thee texts anew, and to begin to place them in their proper context in the medical history of Britain.



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