David Parsons MA, PhD

Position:  Senior Fellow, Place-Names of Wales Project
e-mail: d.parsons@wales.ac.uk  
Tel.: 01970 636543
Fax: 01970 639090
Postal address: Dr David Parsons,
University of Wales Centre for Advanced Welsh & Celtic Studies,
National Library of Wales,
SY23 3HH

David Parsons joined the Centre in February 2009 after fifteen years of working on English place-names in the University of Nottingham. During that time he has written widely on names and the various languages – English, Norse, British/Welsh, Gaelic, Anglo-Norman and Latin – in which they were coined. His principal task at the Centre is to plan, and attract funding for, a major research project on the place-names of Wales; in preparation for that he is assembling an electronic guide to existing research and resources which, it is hoped, will in itself be of use and interest to a range of researchers.

David is also working on a monograph on the languages of medieval Britain. This will examine the evidence, drawn from inscriptions as well as names and manuscript texts, for the existence and interaction of languages in various regions at various dates. One section will tackle north-west England and south-west Scotland during the Viking Age, a medley of Cumbric, Norse, Gaelic and English; another will explore the earliest linguistic traces of the Anglo-Welsh border.

David is Deputy Director of the Survey of English Place-Names and sits on the committees of the British Academy / Royal Historical Society Anglo-Saxon Charters project, and of the British Academy Corpus of Anglo-Saxon Stone Sculpture. He continues to direct the five-year AHRC-funded ‘Perceptions of Place’ project, and for that reason will maintain a 20% attachment to the University of Nottingham until the end of 2010.

Selected Publications

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