The Poets of the Nobility

Detail from MS NLW 3050D. Copyright NLW. All rights reserved. 

Detail from MS NLW 3050D. Copyright NLW. All rights reserved.


The Poets of the Nobility Project was the Centre’s third project. Building on the success of its internationally-acclaimed series of volumes on  The Poets of the Princes , the Centre regularly published attractive and scholarly volumes on some of the finest poetry composed in the period between the Edwardian Conquest of 1282/3 and the death of Tudur Aled in 1526.

This work was published in the Poets of the Nobility Series , a rapidly expanding series comprising 36 volumes by the end of 2007. The volumes were typeset in-house and printed digitally.

The work was undertaken by a team of talented researchers, led by  Dr Ann Parry Owen, and supported by a number of eminent senior scholars, including the staff of the Welsh universities. Since the Centre is physically linked to the National Library of Wales , one of five copyright libraries in the United Kingdom and the proud custodian of priceless Welsh and Celtic manuscripts, the research fellows have unrivalled access to primary material.