Series : Celtic Languages and Cultural Identity

An Atlas for Celtic Studies: Archaeology and Names in Ancient Europe and Early Medieval Britain and Brittany

 Front Cover of 'An Atlas for Celtic Studies'

Author/Editor   John T. Koch
Published 2007
ISBN 978-1-84217-309-1
Publisher Oxbow Books & Celtic Studies Publications
Price £50
Size 342 x 242 mm
Format Clawr caled/Hardback, 224tt./pp., 64tt./pp. mapiau lliw llawn/full colour maps

An Atlas for Celtic Studies is a unique and comprehensive reference book that presents a huge amount of information on what is known about the Celts in Europe in the form of detailed maps. It combines thousands of Celtic place- and group names, as well as Celtic inscriptions and other mappable linguistic evidence. Moving away from a narrative story of the Celts, the aim of this ground-breaking publication is to empower the reader with a wide range of evidence, lucidly presented, to show the geographic relationship of Celtic-language and non-linguistic cultural evidence, allowing individual interpretation. The Atlas has 64 large format pages of colour maps alongside pages of explanatory text, theoretical discussion, map details, bibliography and index. This will be an essential work for anyone studying the Celts.

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