European Travellers to Wales 1750 - 2010

This is a collaborative AHRC-funded project involving Bangor University (Professor Carol Tully, Principal Investigator), Swansea University (Dr Kathryn Jones, Co-investigator) and the Centre for Advanced Welsh and Celtic Studies (Dr Heather Williams, Co-investigator).

The project examines the representation of Wales and Welshness in texts by European travellers from 1750 to 2010. Drawing on expertise in several languages and cultures, the investigation will centre on texts in French and German as these constitute the majority. Works to be studied include travelogues, travel guides, almanacs, encyclopaedias, private correspondences, diaries, creative works and periodical contributions which have Wales as their focus. This important area of study has been neglected, but is central to our understanding of European intercultural relations, the development of Welsh identity and the establishment of the tourist industry in Wales.

A workshop entitled Travellers to Wales was held at the Centre on 25 April 2009. Click here for the details.  

As part of the project a special issue of Studies in Travel Writing will appear in 2014. Click here for more information.