eduroam UK Wireless Service at the University Of Wales

The University Of Wales is a participating member of the eduroam UK Roaming Service. This service provides University staff as well as guest users from other participating organisations of eduroam free Wifi internet access. In order to use this service you must adhere to the University of Wales IT Policy as well as the following policies:

Useful documentation regarding first time users of eduroam can be found here.

If you are using a UOW owned and managed Windows or Mac PC there is no set up for eduroam, you can join it just like any other wireless network. You just need to ensure that you enter your username in the format (this is not the same as your email address).

If you are using a personal device then you will need to preconfigure it in order to connect to eduroam.  Common configuration packages for personal devices running Windows, Macintosh and Linux operating systems can be downloaded from here or by scanning or clicking on the QR code below.


For any other devices please contact Information Services and we will be happy to advise on how best to configure them for eduroam.

If you are going to use eduroam at another institution, it is a good idea to have Information Services set-up your device before you go. This will allow us to verify that your settings are correct and that you will not encounter any problems on arrival when trying to connect.

Remember that you must always use your domain login name with the suffix when using eduroam i.e.


Other useful links: Support for End Users | Commonly Experienced Problems | Using eduroam Day to Day | Where Can I eduroam | Download CA Certificate