Our policies and procedures

The University of Wales is in the latter stages of a process that in 2017/18 will see the University merge with the University of Wales Trinity Saint David (UWTSD). This will create a transformed university that will have a strong student base across several campuses, and will offer a range of services and facilities on a local, regional, national and international basis.  

In the pre-merger period, the University of Wales has been (and continues) to review and align its key policies and procedures with UWTSD to ensure a smooth transition to create the transformed university.  For information about any policy not directly accessible from this Publication Scheme please contact publicationscheme@wales.ac.uk

5.1 Policies and procedures for conducting university business – currently being updated

(a) Codes of practice
(b) Standing orders - currently undergoing review
(c) Procedures of handing requests for information

Publication Scheme

(d) Procedures that show compliance with the Welsh Language Act 1993

Welsh Language Scheme

(e) Annual Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement 2021/2022

5.2 Policies and procedures relating to academic services – still to be identified

(a) Policies and procedures relating to honorary degrees/fellowships
(b) Procedures for changing course
(c) Regulations and policy on student assessment
(d) Appeals procedures
(e) Policy on breach of assessment regulations

5.3 Policies and procedures relating to student services

(a) Student admission and registration
(b) Student accommodation*
(c) Management of student records system
(d) Assessment of external qualifications
(e) Internal student complaints and appeals 

Submitting an Appeal
Procedure for Student Complaints
Academic Appeal Procedure for Postgraduate Research Degree Students
Procedure for Postgraduate Research Student Complaints about Supervision

(f) Student Support Services*
(g) Codes relating to student discipline

5.4 Policies and procedures relating to human resources – currently under review

(a) Conditions of employment Permanent or Fixed Term  Grade 1-5 and Grade 6-9 
(b) Collective bargaining and consultation with trade unions
(c) Grievance and disciplinary procedures
(d) Harassment and bullying policies
(e) Staff development procedures (induction, probation, appraisal, promotions)
(f) Pay policy statement
(g) Procedures and policies relating to recruitment, including vacancies
(h) Code of conduct for members of governing body
(i) Equality and Diversity polices, statements, procedures and guidelines

Strategic Equality Plan 2014 - 2016
Dignity at Work Statement

(j) Health and Safety polices, statements, procedures and guidelines
(k) Estates management including disposals policy, estates strategy and plan, facilities management policies, grounds and building maintenance
(l) Complaints policy including those covering FOI / DPA / Publications Scheme including feedback

5.5 Records management and personal data policies – currently under review

(a) Information security policies
(b) Record retention policy
(c) Destruction policies and procedures
(d) Archive policies
(e) Data Protection, including data sharing policies
(f) Fileplans

5.6 Research policy and strategy – some still to be identified

(a) Quality assurance procedures and policies
(b) Intellectual property policies

Intellectual Property Rights and Patents

(c) Terms of reference of Ethics committee
(d) Applications and approval information from the Ethics committee
(e) Policy, strategy and procedures relating to knowledge transfer and enterprise*

5.7 Publicly funded research outputs and data

Information on any publicly funded research or a direct link to its outcomes, reports etc.

(a) Research Excellence Framework
(b) QAA Institutional Review 

5.8 Charging regimes and policies – currently being updated

Details of any statutory charging regimes

(a) Charges routinely charged for any information, including details of how they are recovered, the basis on how they are made and how they are calculated


*The University of Wales acts a degree-awarding body for other institutions and colleges, both in the UK and overseas.  It does not undertake the teaching of courses and research only to a very limited level.  All students are registered via their ‘home’ institution.  The University therefore does not make the sort of provision as detailed within the HE model publication scheme.