Transcript / Diploma Supplement

The University of Wales offers the option for graduates of collaborative centres to obtain a replacement transcript or diploma supplement confirming all details of their course at a cost of £20.00. 

Please note that the University of Wales does not issue transcripts for graduates who studied at an institution in Wales, these would be issued directly by the institution attended - Transcripts for graduates who studied in Wales

Following the introduction of the Bologna Process in 2008 a diploma supplement or transcript (full record of Academic Study) would have been automatically issued to Graduates who completed their programme of study or on withdrawal from their programme of study. Prior to this transcripts were only issued if requested, therefore details may not be available for a full transcript of study if studies were completed prior to 2008.

You may obtain a replacement copy of your transcript/diploma supplement at a cost of £20.00; this document will show the same information as the original but will be marked as a replacement and will be authorised by the Vice Chancellor. Documents will be issued within 5-10 days, subject to all information being available. 

Request Transcript / Diploma Supplement