Replacement Certificates

The University of Wales will issue replacement certificates only in the circumstances set out below. Mislaying a certificate temporarily is not considered sufficient grounds for replacement; under these circumstances you may prefer to consider the option of a Confirmation of Award letter.

Applications for replacement certificates will be granted provided that you submit a signed statement confirming that the original certificate has either been destroyed or lost. A fee of £30 will be charged. Cheques should be made payable to the University of Wales and submitted along with the form attached below.

In the case that your certificate has become damaged, the certificate should be returned to the University of Wales and a new one will be issued free of charge.

Documents will be issued within 1-2 weeks of application subject to full payment being received.

Replacement certificates will be marked ‘replacement’ and carry the date of the re-issue of the certificate. Please note that the replacement certificate may differ in format to the one that was issued originally but will contain the same information.

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