Alumni Services

No matter when you graduated, there are times when you may need the services or advice of the University of Wales. As well as the various benefits available, Alumni are entitled to the following services.

Confirmation of an Award or Qualification
Normally appropriate for use by prospective employers, educational institutions and other relevant third parties, this service can confirm whether you have obtained a specific award from the University of Wales, enabling you to pursue your chosen career or education choices. Please note that there is a small fee of £15 per hard-copy requested and £5 per additional copy thereafter. Confirmation of Award details sent via email are issued free of charge. 

Online Certificate Verification Services
For certificates issued after 1st November 2007, it is possible to use our online service to verify a certificate using the 32-digit number shown on the certificate. Confirmation of the award details held by the University of Wales will be provided when a valid GUID code is entered.

Transcript / Diploma Supplement

The University of Wales offers the option for graduates of collaborative centres to obtain a replacement transcript or diploma supplement confirming all details of their course at a cost of £20.00. 

Replacement Certificates
If you damage or lose your certificate, you are able to request a replacement for a small fee.

Certified Copies of Degree Certificate and Transcript/Diploma Supplement
This service is available to University of Wales’ graduates who are seeking to have a copy of their original certificate or transcript/diploma supplement certified, in order to submit to the relevant establishment or credential services. 

There is a charge of £10.00 per order of certified copies, please complete application and upload documents though the below link;

For more information on any of these services please contact the Registry at