Dr T Alwyn Lloyd Memorial



  •  to enable the holder to continue the study of Architecture by means of travel,


  • based on the recommendation of the Welsh School of Architecture, for achievement in the final examination for the degree of BSc in Architectural Studies,
  •  must possess BSc in Architectural Studies of the University of Wales.



  •  £1,500,
  •  75% of the value of the Scholarship will be paid in advance,
  •  the remaining 25% being paid upon submission of a satisfactory report ,
  •  more than one Scholarship may be awarded from the income of the fund in any one year,
  •  within 3 months of qualifying for BArch, the recipient must submit a report to the University
  •  all publications shall clearly state that the work was made possible by the T Alwyn Lloyd Memorial Travelling Scholarship awarded by the University of Wales.


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