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Following the announcement made by the University of Wales in relation to progress with its merger (see press release A sense of history – a new beginning|), we recognise that students may have concerns or questions. As consistently stated, the University has a duty of care to our students and we will honour our commitments to all students currently enrolled on University of Wales awards. Students| and Alumni| can view a list of Frequently Asked Questions put together specifically to help answer any concerns students may still have regarding these changes.


The University of Wales works with a wide number of Institutions in Wales and all over the world - find out if a course is offered in your country by using the Course Search facility 

Schemes of study listed here are validated by the University of Wales, however, prospective students are advised to contact the collaborative centre directly for information about all future intake dates.

You must contact the Institution which delivers the course you are interested in joining. Contact details for all the Institutions which the University works with can be found on our website using the Institution search facility
The Institution that delivers the course you are interested in joining is responsible for all visa matters. For more information see the UK Border Agency website|
Once we have received your registration details (including your email address) from your institution, you will receive a welcome email from us which will contain your username (your email address) and password to use the Online Library.

Please ensure that the Username that is used is the one that was confirmed when you signed up for MyWALES| and with your Institute.

If you have forgotten or lost your password, head to the Password Recovery Page|, enter your Username and the password will be emailed to you.

During first log in you will have been requested to choose a Google username and asked as to whether you wanted to use this username as your log in, if you chose this option you would have received an email confirming your details.

If you are still unable to find your username then contact your Institution and they will be able to recover it for you.


The University of Wales has specific procedures for students wishing to make a complaint or lodge an academic appeal.


Student Appeals
For more information on the procedure, including criteria and assessment, or to submit an appeal please click here|  or contact


Student Complaints
Whenever possible you should aim to resolve any difficulties directly with your Institution. If this is not possible, the University’s Student Complaints| procedure may be used if you wish to complain about aspects of your study experience that do not relate to assessment or examinations. For more information please click here|
  or contact   complaintswales.ac.uk|


When your final results have been ratified by a University of Wales Examining Board they will be recorded on the University’s student records system. You will be admitted to your award in absentia and your certificate and Diploma Supplement| will be sent to your Institution of study.


For information about your degree / dissertation result, please contact your place of study. Unfortunately the University is unable to provide your results to you by email or telephone

You should contact the Institution that delivered your course

Yes. If your certificate is damaged we will issue a replacement free of charge on receipt of the damaged original. A fee of £30 will apply to replace lost certificates.

Please click here|  for more information.

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