Catriona Gibson MA, PhD


Research Fellow, Ancient Britain and the Atlantic Zone



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Postal address:


Catriona Gibson,
University of Wales Centre for Advanced Welsh and Celtic Studies,
National Library of Wales,
SY23 3HH


Catriona Gibson joined the Centre in April 2009 as a Research Fellow on the project ‘Ancient Britain and the Atlantic Zone’ . Her first degree was in prehistoric archaeology at Edinburgh University and she undertook her doctoral research on the later Bronze Age in western Iberia at the University of Reading. Catriona has combined commercial and academic archaeology for the last fifteen years and until taking on this post, was a Senior Project Officer for one of the leading archaeological companies in Britain. Her interests lie in British, western and central Mediterranean prehistory, from the later Neolithic onwards, and most of the excavations she has co-ordinated were prehistoric sites, including Bronze Age settlements, Iron Age hillforts and complex multi-period ritual, burial and domestic sites. She has an active interest in the Near East and has been involved in a number of Neolithic and Chalcolithic excavations in Jordan, Egypt and Turkey, including co-directing the excavations at the West Mound of Çatalhöyük, a Chalcolithic tell site in southern Turkey.

Selected Publications:

forthcoming, ‘Pottery in Motion: The Neolithic and Early Chalcolithic pottery assemblages from the Konya Plain’, in D. Baird (ed.) The Konya Plain Survey Project , Turkey 1994–2000 (Council for British Research in the Levant. COBL Monograph).

forthcoming, ‘The Chalcolithic pottery from Tell esh-Shuna, Jordan’, in a monograph on Tell esh-Shuna North , ed. D. Baird and G. Philip.

forthcoming, ‘A Middle Saxon Site in Thetford, Norfolk’. Submitted to Monograph on Thetford, EAA Volume.

forthcoming, with C. Cessford and J. Last, ‘Central Anatolia in 6000 BC: dating Çatalhöyük West’. Submitted to Radiocarbon .

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