What we spend and how we spend it

2.1 Funding / Income

(a) Sources of funding and income - Financial Statements

2.2 Financial statements, budgets and variance reports – still to be identified

(a) Details of expenditure over £25,000, including costs, supplier and transaction information - Currently being revised
(b) Investment income, including investment strategy - Currently being revised
(c) Financial reports, including revenue budgets ad budgets for capital expenditure:

Financial Statements

(d) Financial Audit Reports - Currently being revised
(e) Capital Programme - major plans including any private finance initiative and public/private partnerships:

Capital Programme procedures 

(f) Financial Regulations and procedures – see Financial Regulations
(g) Staff allowances and expenses – expenses paid to senior staff by reference to categories travel/subsistence and entertainment:

Senior staff Expenses 12-13
Senior Staff Expenses 13-14

(h) Staff pay and grading structures – junior staff salary range:

UW Salary Scale 2015

(i) Salaries of senior staff earning over £100,000 per annum or equivalent
(j) Salaries of Senior Management Team in Bands of £10,000 - Currently being revised
(k) Pay multiple - the ratio between the highest paid salary and the median average salary of the whole workforce - Currently being revised
(l) Register of suppliers - Currently being revised
(m) Procurement and tender procedures:

Tenders and Quotations
Sustainable Procurement Policy

(n) Reports on successful tenders - Currently being revised
(o) Details of contracts that exceed £25,000 - Currently being revised
(p) Research funding - high level information about funding from the public sector and commercial sources:

Current Research Projects